Getting Started at a PayPal Casino Site

Gone are the days where online paypal casino players could only use credit/debit cards to gain access to an online casino.  Now, if you wish to play your favourite gaming titles for real money you have a tonne of different options.  E-wallets have now become a mainstay in the world of online gaming thanks to their high levels of accessibility and enhanced levels of security.  One of the most popular e-wallet options is undoubtedly PayPal.  PayPal has slowly but steadily been pushing through the ranks to become one of the most widely use e-wallet options in the online casino industry today.

Many of you will likely be familiar with PayPal.  After all, this service did not begin in the online gambling industry.  Instead, PayPal has long been making waves in the retail sector, with its ability to pay for any item whether at home or out on the go.  This service offers an added layer of security encryption for players completing transactions online.  This is the perfect way to alleviate any concerns safety conscious users may have.  PayPal has now been picked up by numerous casino brands and PayPal casino sites are fast becoming one of the most popular options to access your favourite gaming titles.  Here we’ll talk you through why you should be playing at a PayPal casino and the main competitors to look out for.

Why Play at a PayPal Casino?

As mentioned above, playing at a PayPal casino site offers players the chance to enjoy safer transactions.  Instead of being asked to submit your credit/debit card details online, you simply add your card details to PayPal instead. PayPal will then pay the site on your behalf by taking the money from your account.  This means your details remain anonymous.

Depositing at a PayPal casino is super easy whilst out on the go.  This makes it the perfect depositing option for any mobile casino users.  As your details remain stored within the PayPal system, there is no need for you to constantly re-enter your details.  All you need to do is select PayPal and sign in to your account.  You’ll then have access to your funds in order to make a deposit at your PayPal casino.

PayPal Casino Competitors

There are a couple of other brands that are now offering a similar service to PayPal.  The most popular of these are Neteller and Skrill.  However, both of these alternate brands also come with an added bonus, they offer players the option to claim prepaid cards.

If you choose to use Neteller, you’ll be able to apply to have a prepaid Visa card.  This card can then be used at any ATM which is compatible with Visa.  You’ll even be able to withdraw winnings onto this card and then withdraw it in cash from an ATM.  Similarly, Skrill comes with the ability to claim a prepaid MasterCard.  Your personal information will remain safe and any suspicious activity is carefully monitored by their anti-fraud team.